Memories To Memoirs

At Memories to Memoirs, we believe life stories are worth preserving. A personal history from Memories to Memoirs provides future generations with an intimate and enduring connection to your life story, offering family and friends a chance to discover the events, the people and the experiences that have defined your life.

There is no better way to capture the richness of your unique personal experiences than to allow your story to unfold in your own words. That’s why an oral history from Memories to Memoirs begins with the sound of your voice - we use personal interviews to construct a detailed account of your life story, and transform these conversations into a vivid historical document that preserves your personal oral history for future generations. The end result is a series of audio recordings on compact disc containing the story of your life as told in your own words, accompanied by a finely crafted saddle-stitched bound hardcover companion book.

Your Life Story, in Your Own Words

We believe that creating a personal history requires close collaboration. Our trained historians conduct one-on-one interviews with you to allow your personal narrative to unfold. We record these interviews in their entirety using professional audio equipment, ensuring that your personal oral history is accurately preserved. These recorded conversations are transcribed and edited with care to create a detailed narrative account of your life. We supplement this material with photographs and relevant contextual information compiled in an attractive companion book, so that your stories are truly brought to life.

Monthly radio series

Robert Budd has been hosting a monthly radio series on CBC Radio One as part of North By Northwest since 2010. For podcasts of his series, Voices Of BC, check out the NxNW website:

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