Voices of British Columbia

Rob Budd's book, Voices of British Columbia is coming out this August.

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Voices of British Columbia: Stories from Our Frontier is a vivid portrait of British Columbia—its people and places—in words, sound and images from the turn of the last century, brought back to life a hundred years later. It is unlike any other history book yet written as it is 3-dimensional in its approach: it is a story book where the reader can actually listen to 25 stories in the original words and voices of those who lived through these amazing times. The book includes over 70 archival photos and maps! The book is based on the collection of audiotapes from Imbert Orchard, a CBC journalist who traveled across BC with recording engineer Ian Stephen interviewing nearly a thousand of the province’s pioneers between 1959 and 1966.

"Conventional history tells you about building the early roads from Vancouver to New Westminster. Imbert's people make you feel every single wheel rut along the way. And unless you know how much those ruts hurt, you will never know why a new road was built."

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